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The Sprague Group

Sales: The Sprague Group

The Sprague Group is lead by Brian Sprague, recently named one of America’s Top Producers by Newsweek magazine and the Top Sales Associate by Tampa Bay Builders after an astonishing $171 million sales year in 2019. Brian is a specialist in the luxury space and has been a key, long- term part of several high-profile developments in the area, including condo conversions and multi-family properties, as well as a $300 million project that sold out six months ahead of schedule. The Sprague Group is based in St. Petersburg’s Downtown Innovation district where our team lives, works, and plays. With nearly 50 years combined experience ranging from new construction sales and developer services to luxury condominiums and historic homes, the team at The Sprague Group is made up of caring, knowledgeable professionals dedicated to maintaining their credibility as industry experts.

Architecture: Koly International

Koly International Inc. was established in 1987 as an engineering firm specializing in structural design and consulting in the state of Florida. With more than 35 years of experience in the United States, Canada and overseas, our professional engineers have accumulated extensive technical and structural knowledge.

The firm also built the Orion condominium building, which sits adjacent to the Vela site.

Koly International is rapidly growing while maintaining an unmatched, superb level of service and attention to our clients. Our professional staff is comprised of senior registered engineers supported by qualified technicians. Our efficiency and accuracy are enhanced by the use of the most advanced structural computer software to provide safe, cost-effective design.

Branding & Environmental Design: Clear ph Design

ClearPH Design is a boutique design firm that specializes in luxury real estate with locations in St. Petersburg, Denver and Dubai. Led by veteran brand-culture visionary Richard Hughes, the agency is known for its globally recognized body of work in branding, print, web and environmental design created by its highly skilled, top-notch, award-winning creatives. ClearPH helps roll out brands by articulating all aspects of a brand’s culture – from internal to external – with unique strategies that transcend borders and open new horizons.