Month: March 2017

St. Pete’s murals Shine all year long

By now, you’ve no doubt heard that St. Petersburg has gained quite the reputation as an outdoor artists’ showcase. Colorful murals can be seen all over the downtown area and in the Warehouse Arts District. Now the wonderful and whimsical works of art are branching out toward new neighborhoods. Two new murals will be dedicated […]

A New Mexican restaurant for the Grand Central District

Okay, all of you chili pepper fans. Get ready to experience New Mexican street food at NuMex, a new place opening soon in the 2700 block of Central Avenue. Owner Raymond Smith spent time in New Mexico researching the different types of cuisine available there. Working with a culinary school, he has developed about 70 […]

A popup restaurant for oysters? Yes, and it’s fabulous!

An oyster purveyor who’s been in charge of New York Oyster Week for the past six years has set up a temporary eatery in the EDGE District, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Kevin Joseph operates his Empire Oyster raw bar out of the Intermezzo Cafe on Central Avenue four days a week for limited […]

You have to try this new restaurant in St. Pete

A little west of downtown sits the freeFall Theatre, a well-regarded stage group housed in an old Christian Scientist Church. Now the co-founder of freeFall has teamed up with an ambitious crew of Asheville, N.C., restauranteurs to create a phenomenal new dining spot in the church’s old Christian Scientist reading room space. The Reading Room might look […]

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